It's our mission to make sure this product is as simple and easy to use as possible. Below are a few of the main questions people have, if we're missing something - please do let us know!

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  • What is a launcher?

    Another name for an Android launcher is "Home App" and if you use an Android smartphone you are already using a launcher... it’s the Home screen and the app drawer. Most people are just using the standard launcher supplied by the phone manufacturer.

  • How does it work?

    There are plenty of other launchers. But, we are different. Our core mission is to preserve our customer's attention & focus. Our product transforms your smartphone, making it less distracting and less addictive, without crippling it, or making the phone less usable. Our launcher has a notification filter, which keeps notifications from your less important apps from distracting you. Users of the Before Phone Launcher tell us their screen time is now more focused and overall interruptions are dramatically reduced.

  • Why is it free?

    We want to offer all of our customers some value, without charging them. In the not so distant future, we will sell a premium product to customers who want active assistance reducing their phone usage.

    For the record. We take your privacy seriously. We are not in the business, and will never be in the business of selling your data. The Before Launcher doesn't store, manipulate or otherwise know personally identifiable information; we don't need it and we don't want it. To help improve the app, we do anonomously track customer interactions with the app but you can opt-out of that in our privacy settings.

    See our Privacy Policy.

  • Will it work on my phone?

    Yes -- if your phone is Android version 7 or later. Just download and install from the Play Store

    If you don’t know the version of your Android phone go to your smartphone’s “Settings” app and use the search there using these terms: Android version or About Phone

    If your phone has an Android version less than 7 you can try manually updating. We found this wikihow link helpful

    This doesn't work on an iPhone.Apple iOS doesn't support these kinds of products, so it is unlikely we will offer a similar iOS product.

  • What doesn't it support?

    Yes. There are a few things:

    -Customizing your wallpaper

    -Adding website links to your homescreen

    -Changing the notification tone

    We are looking to support these features in future releases. Sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in learning about future releases.

  • I need a little post-install help...

    Are you still seeing your old Home screen? Try the fix in this short video.

    Would you like to customize the app list on your Home screen? Learn how to add, remove and reorder with this video.

    If all notifications are still bothering you, then try one or both of following: 1) Go to your device system settings and make sure the Before Launcher has access to your notifications (under Settings just search for "Notification Access" or "Special App Access"); 2) Go to the Before Launcher notification screen (swipe right from the Home screen) and make sure the mode is set to "Filtered Notifications - On".

    Do you want to adjust the amount and type of notifications you're seeing? Watch this to learn about filter settings.