About Us

The smartphone is the best and worst technology to ever enter our lives. We love the flexibility it affords us--how it keeps us connected to friends and family, and how it’s always possible to find quirky apps, like a Ukulele tuner, for your out of tune Ukulele.

But more and more, we’re giving up essential time and human connection, sucked into social, news, and video black holes. Scrolling… and scrolling... even while out to dinner with friends or loved ones, or in the middle of the night.

And while we all of us are ultimately responsible for our behavior, today’s smartphone experience isn’t helping. In fact, it’s designed to make us want to use it more and more.

So we started a company.

At Before Labs, we create mindful mobile products for the new real life.
Our first product is an Android Launcher that helps you live optimally by giving you back time, creativity and focus.

How? The Before Launcher filters your less important notifications so you can focus on what matters most. And it provides a clean, always organized, home that prioritizes your most important apps, and while allowing you to easily find everything else.

With the launch of our Before Launcher Pro in app purchase we've added a suite of productivity tools. Your smartphone can be as powerful and personal as before... just less distracting.